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Isochronic Tones - Downloads

Isochronic Tones

Isochronic Tones can change your life. Do you lack confidence or the motivation to fulfill your potential in life? Have you tried meditation and visualizing but with little results? Isochronic Tones have the potential to help you with all of the above and make you feel GREAT.

It's easy to use, affordable and takes very little time. You could be experiencing BIG changes to how you feel in, literally, minutes.

Simply, by using a combination of visualizing and working towards your goal, you can change your life. This isn't a big secret. How many hours a week do you spend doing this? If you are like most people - not much. This is the problem. The biggest reason that people aren't visualizing regularly is because they have experienced no effects and it simply didn't work for them. Well things are about to change for you - focus on what I'm about to say right now.

Sound Waves have the potential to transform your mind and change your life forever.

There are 3 main conscious states - Alpha, Theta, and Delta. There are sound technologies that have scientifically proven to be effective in transforming and altering the mind: Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones. With isochronic tones being the most powerful of the two by far.

Binaural beats work by playing two different stereo frequencies simultaneously. The brain balances and tunes into the brainwave frequencies. Audio MP3 recordings control the different frequencies and produce altered states of your choice - relaxed, creative, confident, motivated, etc. Isochronic tones use equally intense tones which pulse. The pulsing interacts and harmonizes with the brain to lower the operating frequencies - creating an alternate state of mind. These isochronic tone recordings will allow you to tap into the power of the brain and even allow you to access your subconscious mind - Isochronic Tone Samples.

I am happy to share these recordings with you because I know that they work. I have tried several recordings from different places. Some gave me headaches, some barely worked, but the downloads and recordings from the unexplainable store were by far the most effective and easy to listen to. Everyone will have different experiences with these recordings, but the potential to change your life using brainwave entrainment is unlimited.


Isochronic Tones download

# Feel the effects in minutes and start changing your life TODAY.

# Easily achieve an altered state of consciousness.

# No experience required.

# Guaranteed Results - 100%, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

# Affordable – prices starting from only $5.

# AND bonuses worth more than $75 with every purchase.


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